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Analyze Your Time Spent In Meetings With Tableau


This video uses familiar Microsoft Outlook calendar data as the basis for learning how to analyze data using Tableau. Tableau makes it easy to create visualizations and provides a powerful way to analyze data. Every analyst, accidental or otherwise, will benefit from this tool.

You’ll learn how to export your Microsoft Outlook calendar to a CSV file, open the CSV file in Tableau and massage the data, and analyze your data using a Tableau visualizations.



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Research IT Solutions Through EAB subscription


UW’s subscription to the Education Advisory Board (EAB) IT Forum offers higher education-specific information technology resources to UW students, faculty and staff. For no individual charge, users with a UW NetID can access the service for white papers, webinars, peer articles and other research resources, as well as for in-person consultation, in topic areas such as data governance, measures and metrics, analytics, and student success.

This video highlights the benefits of the subscription and this article contains links to more information.