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Archived BI Portal Reports: Legacy Reports No Longer Available on BI Portal

The Business Intelligence Team in EIIA archived about 50 legacy HR/P reports. As a result, these reports are no longer available in the BI Portal or on the SSRS Server.

This is an important change because it reduces the amount of technical debt the team carries and enables us to focus on building and maintaining more valuable analytics tools.

Change Summary:

During Workday go-live, many reports were updated to continue sourcing historical HEPPS-era HR/P data. Now a year after go-live, these reports were getting little to no usage. Rather than continue to maintain these tools, we opted to archive them.

Before archiving the reports, we reached out to users in order to understand legacy report usage. We learned that some legacy reports continue to offer business value, and those reports are still available on the BI Portal.

See the bottom of this post for a full list of the reports that we archived.


If you have any questions about this change, or if you think we inadvertently archived a report that you still need in order to do your work, please write us at and put “BI Portal Archived Reports Question” in the subject line.

Archived Report List:

  1. Legacy FEC Dashboard Report by FEC Cycle
  2. Legacy FEC Dashboard Report by OrgCode
  3. Legacy Advance Budget Number Report
  4. Legacy PFLB Mailing List
  5. Legacy PDDC Mailing List
  6. Legacy PDDC_GFL Mailing List
  7. Legacy Emeritus Faculty Earnings
  8. Legacy President Deans Mailing List
  9. Legacy 100 Percent Sponsor-Funded Faculty
  10. Legacy Active Job Classes
  11. Legacy Employee_GTN_Information
  12. Legacy GTN_Detail
  13. Legacy Paid Direct Faculty Earnings
  14. Legacy Faculty Effort Certification (FEC) Dashboard
  15. Legacy GFLE Mailing List
  16. Legacy Hepps Payroll and GL Payroll Cash Account
  17. Legacy Salary Cap Cost Share Report
  18. Legacy Creative Communications Mailing List
  19. Legacy Budget Detail by Payroll Unit
  20. Legacy Federal Withholding Exempt Employees
  21. Legacy Mailing Services by Org_Job
  22. Legacy 2013 Base Year Paid FTE Report
  23. Legacy My People Report Menu
  24. Legacy Payment Verification Detail
  25. Legacy Academic HR FAC Reappointment Download
  26. Legacy Employee and Payment Verification Download
  27. Legacy Travel_Card
  28. Legacy My People by Appointing Department
  29. Legacy Hepps Payroll Monthly Summaries
  30. Legacy Payroll Payment Verification
  31. Legacy My People by Home Department
  32. Legacy Current Online Check Register
  33. Legacy General Faculty Mailing List
  34. Legacy Expense Distribution by Payroll Unit Code PUC
  35. Legacy Academic Personnel Appointments with Demographics
  36. Legacy Formatted Employee Download
  37. Legacy Retroactive Salary Adjustment Report
  38. Legacy Current Employee with Active Appointment
  39. Legacy Employee Download by PUCs
  40. Legacy Paid FTE by Funding Source
  41. Legacy Historical Online Check Register
  42. Legacy Faculty Appointments by Appointment Term
  43. Legacy Employee Download by Organization
  44. Legacy Academic Personnel Appointments
  45. Legacy Time Schedule Information
  46. Legacy People Finder
  47. Legacy Salary and Wage Expense Detail