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Tools & Services

UW-IT’s Enterprise Information, Integration & Analytics (EIIA) team provides leadership and support to all UW academic and administrative units in delivering institutional data for decision making. We offer a selection of data tools and services that are geared toward helping you achieve more with analytics.


EDW Reporting

Reports provide a simple view of data. They are one of the easiest ways of analyzing data and are great when you want the same format week to week or month to month.

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UW Profiles

The Office of Planning and Budgeting and EIIA worked together to create UW Profiles. Powered by Tableau data visualization software, UW Profiles is a suite of institutional dashboards which provide a dynamic way to easily access, explore and understand basic University data.

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Knowledge Navigator

Knowledge Navigator is your guide to UW data and information. It is designed to give context to Enterprise Data you use for decision making. Use Knowledge Navigator’s robust search to quickly find information across subject areas, glossaries, business intelligence tools, and diagrams.

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Tableau aggregates data on the fly. It is more flexible than reports but not as structured as cubes.

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Cubes allow you to aggregate measures like revenue or student credit hours over descriptive dimensions like Time, Employee, of FinOrg in a drag and drop interface. Cubes excel at explorative analysis and provide very fast query times over large amounts of data.

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Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
Operational Data Store (ODS)

The EDW is a central repository of the University of Washington’s electronically stored institutional data, including the ODS. This unification of data from many disparate systems allows for cross-system analytics without the need to run multiple reports and correlate them. Talk to us about loading your data into the EDW.

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Data Access Control (DAC)

This robust, role-based, security model provides column-level security across all data subject areas in the the EDW. Users can view the data they need, whether they are running reports, interacting with visualizations, or directly querying the EDW.

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Online Resources

We offer educational materials on our data tools and analytics. This helps you get more value for your efforts.

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Report Hosting

If you have specialized needs you can create your own SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports and we will host them on our enterprise level SSRS server.

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Visualization Hosting

You’ve created your visualizations in Tableau and you’re ready to share them with your colleagues. We provide an enterprise Tableau Server to host visualizations built by UW faculty and staff, and work with you to create the appropriate security model to grant access.

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Tableau License Administration

With Tableau software, you use your natural ability to see patterns, identify trends and discover visual insights. We help you obtain your Tableau Desktop license and so you can begin your drag and drop analyses right away.

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Data Visualization & Presentation

We support the growing UW Tableau Community through Tableau education, troubleshooting assistance, and development and dissemination of best practices. We also host the monthly UW Tableau User Group (TUG), and organize presentations and guest speakers, including Tableau staff.

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Data Design & Development

As we work with you to get your data into EDW, we offer consultation on how to design and develop your data so that you get more out of it. We can help with database design, data modeling, and data integration.