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Archive for month: May, 2019

Report Update: Current Student Information By Major (Intended Major Filter)

The Report Prioritization Group released an update to the Current Student Information By Major report. This post summarizes those changes.

Change Summary:

  • “Include Intended Major” Filter added: by request from UW Bothell and UW Tacoma, a filter was added to allow users to include/exclude students that have listed the user’s selected major as an “intended major”. The filter has a Yes and No Option:
    • Yes = Returns “pending” and “real” majors and also includes students that have listed the selected major as an “intended” or “requested major”.
    • No = Only returns students with majors in “pending” status and “real” majors (a student that is already in a given major). (This is the default selection)

What’s Next:


If you have questions about the meaning of intended major, pending major, or major requested, please explore the links above or find more detail in the Knowledge Navigator.

As always, if you have any questions, please write and put “RPG: Current Student Information by Major” in the subject line.