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Fin Cube Changes: Updates to the “Fin Activity Biennium 2017” cube

The EIIA team released an update to the “Fin Activity Biennium 2017” cube.

For end users of the cube, the important thing for you to know is that you are unaffected by these changes. These were backend changes to enable the cube to process properly.

Problem Summary:

The EIIA Business Intelligence team noticed there were errors that were causing the cube to not process properly. To process the Cube, the errors were programmatically “suppressed” in the script to to allow it to load.

Change Summary:

We resolved these problems in the design/code of the Finance cube. As a result, the cube no longer produces errors while processing.


If I am unaffected then why are you telling me about it?

Our goal is to let users know that we found a problem and resolved it. There is no action for you to take in response to this update.

We did our due diligence to ensure that the changes we made won’t impact you. However, there is always a chance that we missed something. In case our changes have a user impact, we don’t want our users to think that the issue is their fault. If you find a problem, please write us at and put “EIIA: Financial Activity Cube – 2017 Changes” in the subject line.

Was this work tested?

Yes, in addition to our own internal testing, a diverse group of users from across the Finance subject area verified that these changes didn’t affect the data.

How did you test that the changes did not break anything?

First, our testers compared a test version of the cube to the production version and confirmed that the outputs matched. Second, our testers compared the test version of the cube to MyFD to confirm that the cube reconciles with MyFD.

Are all of the Finance Cubes affected by this change?

No, Fin Activity Biennium 2017 cube is the only cube affected by these changes. This means that the cubes for previous biennia still contain the backend error.

What’s Next for the Finance Cube(s):

We are currently in the process of rethinking the financial activity cube(s). Proposed changes include collapsing the multiple cubes into one Financial Activity cube that would allow users to view data across multiple biennia. Other proposed changes include additional date dimensions. However, to be clear, we will not be removing any of the core functionality of the finance cube(s).

If you have any questions or suggestions about how to enhance the Financial Activity cubes, please write us at and put “EIIA: Financial Activity Cube Feedback and Suggestions” in the subject line.

What if I want to help my colleague start using the cube?

We have some helpful content about getting started with analysis cubes posted to our EIIA site. Feel free to share the link with your colleagues!

There’s also a printable PDF one pager linked here.