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Adding computer to Nebula domain

After you have a computer with an operating system installed, you will need to follow these instructions to join the computer to the Nebula2 domain:

  1. Power on the computer, making sure that it is connected to a live Ethernet port.
  2. At the login screen, log in with the Administrator account. If the operating system was setup by CDW, the Administrator password is the serial number of the computer, which can be found on the bottom of the computer. The password is in UPPER CASE.
  3. You may be told that the Windows license has expired. Choose activate on line and activate now
  4. You may be asked to choose type of network (home, work, public). Choose work. You will see a screen indicating the network has been named; you can Accept and Close this window.
  5. Based on the OS that is installed, there are different instructions for joining it to the domain. Follow the instructions below for your system
    • For Windows 7: Go to Start -> Control Panel
    • For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: Press the Windows Key + X to bring up the selection menu. Click on Control Panel
  6. From the Control Panel, click on Systems and Security -> System
  7. Click on Advanced System Settings -> Computer Name tab -> Change.
  8. The computer name should be the serial number of the computer. You can change it to another name of your choosing; there is a 14-character limit on the name. Do not use underscores in the computer name.
  9. Computer Name/Domain change button: click on Domain radio button and type in
  10. You will get prompted for a user name and password. Enter your netid\your netid (enter your own UW NetID in place of the words your netid) and your netid password.
  11. Click OK and close out of the System settings windows.
  12. If you need to add any accounts or groups to the local administrator group, you can do it now or you can send an email request to nebula@u when you’re done setting up the computer. Once you restart the computer, the password for the built-in administrative account will be changed via Nebula group policy and you will no longer be able to log into it.
  13. Restart the computer.
  14. Log in using netid\your netid. Nebula policy will change the Administrator password within 2-24 hours.
  15. Please send an email to asking us to Claim your new computer. Computers not claimed within 3 days are automatically removed from the domain for security reasons. Please include the following:
    • computer name (no underscores in the name, please)
    • budget number
    • department
    • primary user (UW NetID)
    • optional: UW NetIDs to be added to the Local Admin Group

    This is also a good time to let us know if you want an older computer removed from the domain.

Allow a few hours or overnight for the claiming process to complete and then restart the computer to ensure that the group policies are applied correctly. Or, after about an hour, you can use this command to force the policy update and reboot:

gpupdate /force /boot

After this, you can use the myIT page to make these further changes:

  • the primary user
  • the technical contact
  • your note in the inventory field