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Keyserver Help for IT Staff

The Campus License Keyserver is offered by UW Learning Technologies in partnership with the Student Technology Fee Committee (STFC).

This service provides a cost-effective way to provide UW students access to commercial software on campus-run workstations. Sassafras KeyServer and Key Auditor (K2) meters software for which the STFC has purchased a limited number of licenses for use on STFC-funded and UW-owned desktops, thin clients, and mobile computers dedicated for student use.

By creating a campus wide Keyserver service, the STFC is able to meter commercial software licenses they have purchased. We pool all software resources, and meter usage to remain within the number of licenses owned. K2 provides reports revealing the actual number of licenses used, enabling us to be cost efficient and renew software licenses at an appropriate amount to accommodate campus needs.

Software Installation Requirements

In order for STFC to properly track software usage, all campus computers using STFC software must have an updated version of KeyClient software and follow the standardized computer name convention.

There are three approved methods for naming your computer:

  • Your department name-unique number. For example, hcde-001
  • Your department name-location-unique number. For example, engr-73lab-10
  • Join your computer to the NetID domain provided by UW Windows Infrastructure

Visit the KeyClient download page for installers and instructions.

If your computers are using a dual boot or virtual computers to run multiple operating systems, please install KeyClient on each virtual operating system. If you are using a terminal server such as Citrix XenServer, VMware, or Windows Server Remote Desktop Services, please contact Learning Technologies Keyserver Help to receive specific guidelines before installing KeyClient.

Requesting New Software

If there is software that is requested by your students or faculty and you wish to receive STF funding, submit your request directly to the STFC. Visit the STF website for more information.