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High Speed Research Network

Campus CCNIE Plan

UW’s High Speed Research Network (HSRN) and Science DMZ have been in operation since June 2010. The current HSRN connects the high-performance compute and storage clusters Hyak and lolo to each other, as well as providing a 10Gbs connection to campus. The Science DMZ feature of the HSRN enables high throughput data transfers to endpoints outside the UW networks. lolo acts as the campus Data Transfer Node (DTN) connecting at 10Gbps both inside and outside the campus security perimeter for optimal access by both on-campus researchers and their external collaborators.

By December 2014, UW will significantly enhance the existing HSRN and Science DMZ. The upgraded network will provide a 100Gbps link between the UW Tower, 4545 data center, and external networks. In addition to connecting UW to national research and education backbone networks, this high-speed link will have the capability for researchers to set up dynamic “layer-2” paths directly to researchers on other campuses.

lolo will continue to act as the DTN for the enhanced Science DMZ network. Bandwidth between the campus and Hyak/lolo will increase to 40Gbps with no firewalls or other security devices in the path. Hosts co-located in the UW data centers will have the ability to connect directly into the Science DMZ network at speeds ranging from 10 to 100 Gbps.

For more information on the Science DMZ concept, see the Department of Energy site at: