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What Is eduroam?

Eduroam (‘education roaming’) is a free, secure, wireless network available at participating campuses and institutions in the United States and around the world. It allows users (researchers, teachers, students, staff) from the UW to securely access the Internet from any eduroam-enabled institution.

Eduroam also provides visitors from participating institutions with access to the UW’s wireless network and the Internet, without the need for guest credentials or additional configuration by the user or the UW. Once configured, eduroam’s per-user, per-session encrypted access is easier and more secure than a typical hotspot or guest access. Find out more.

Using eduroam

If you are a University of Washington (UW) faculty, staff, or student, you can use your UW NetID (in the format and your UW NETID password to access the Internet and other IT resources using eduroam while visiting participating institutions.

To configure eduroam on your device, visit the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) . The eduroam CAT tool is provided by Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA) and once you select the University of Washington as your institution, the tool will create installers for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS and Linux.  For best results, visit the CAT from the device(s) that you would like to configure. Remember to use the format of  for the username and password as in the paragraph above when prompted.

Depending on your device configuration, you may be prompted to accept a security certificate. It is recommended you verify that certificate is issued by InCommon for UW servers or

It is a good idea to join the SSID eduroam on the UW campus before you travel. This will allow you to test your eduroam setup before you travel.

Once eduroam is configured and tested on your machine, you may continue to use it on campus or change back to the “University of Washington” network instead.

If you are a visitor to the UW from another eduroam participating institution, you can use eduroam for secure wireless network access using your authentication credentials from your home institution.

Visitors Connecting to eduroam at the UW

Eduroam is available at all locations covered by the UW wireless network. Eduroam should appear as a wireless network option on your mobile device or laptop. The security settings you use to access eduroam at the UW are shown below. More detailed information will be provided by your home institution—please contact your own IT support first for assistance.

Visitors to the UW should contact their home institution if you have problems accessing the service.

Eduroam Security Configuration

Wireless Network Name (SSID) eduroam
Authentication Method PEAP-MSCHAPv2
Wireless Security Type WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X/EAP)

UW Staff and Students Connecting to eduroam at Another Institution

Find out if the institution you are visiting is a participating member of eduroam. When visiting another eduroam institution, eduroam should appear as a wireless network option on your mobile device or laptop. UW staff and students may also use the eduroam CAT tool to configure their device. Information about this tool can be found in the Using eduroam section above.

The table below contains the basic information for your wireless settings for connecting to the eduroam wireless network at another institution. If you have any problems accessing eduroam, please contact the IT services team of the institution you are visiting first to make sure there are no local issues that might affect your access.

Contact if you are still having problems accessing eduroam.

Eduroam is available in more than 5,500 institutions around the world.

Please see the list of participating eduroam institutions and federations in the United States and around the world.

Acceptable Use of eduroam

The use of eduroam is governed by:

For visitors to the UW, the Appropriate Use policy of your home institution also applies. Please be aware that eduroam policy requires all users of the service to either be over 18 years of age or have consent from a parent or guardian to use non-filtered Internet access. Authentication information and traffic is recorded by the UW and your home organization, in the case of network abuse and for statistical purposes.

Getting Help With eduroam

Visitors: Please contact your home institution for help.

UW Faculty, Students, and Staff:

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions about eduroam.

Contact for additional information about accessing eduroam.