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March 1, 2016

Technology Recharge Fee FY 2017 rates

Technology Recharge Fee graphic

A slight increase in the Technology Recharge Fee (TRF) rates for FY 2017 has been approved by the Provost, as recommended by the University’s IT Service Investment Board, to help address the rising costs for UW-IT to deliver essential IT services to the UW community. The FY 2017 TRF rates, effective July 1, 2016, are:…

June 23, 2015

See UW’s New HR/Payroll System, Workday, in New Video

HR/Payroll Modernization Workday logo

Take a peek at Workday, the UW’s new HR and payroll system coming in 2016, in a video created by the HR/Payroll Modernization project. The brief video offers a simple, fun approach to explaining the benefits of Workday. Read the most recent issue of UW@Work for details on the changes Workday will bring to UW employees, the new project…

May 8, 2015

HR/Payroll Modernization Announces New Go-Live Date

HR/Payroll Modernization

The HR/Payroll Modernization project has extended the project timeline for delivering the UW’s new Workday by six months, to go-live on June 16, 2016. Once Workday is live, the University will have a modern tool and an easy-to-use mobile application to quickly access routine personnel items such as earning statements and leave balances, and to…

April 10, 2015

No Indirect Cost Charges on UW-IT Research Storage, Compute and Cloud Services

server room

Effective April 1, UW-IT research storage, compute and contracted cloud services are no longer subject to the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rate for sponsored research expenditures, reflected in the updated UW Grants Information Memorandum 13. UW-IT offers large-scale storage and compute services to UW’s research community, including cloud service from vendors such as Microsoft and…

March 27, 2015

FY 2016 Technology Recharge Fee Will Help Address Rising IT Costs

Technology Recharge Fee logo

The Technology Recharge Fee will increase by 1.9 percent in FY 2016 to address escalating costs of IT operations. This is the first net increase since the fee was implemented in FY 2011 and was recommended by the IT Service Investment Board and approved by the Provost. The fee provides support for essential information technology…

March 3, 2015

UW to Continue With Semi-Monthly Pay in Workday

Logo for HR/Payroll Modernization and Workday

The UW will not implement a biweekly pay cycle due to the many complexities in UW’s pay practices, along with challenges in reporting employee compensation on a monthly basis to the State. Rather, the University will maintain a semi-monthly pay frequency in Workday, the UW’s new HR/Payroll system in the works. The pay frequency for…

November 25, 2014

HR/Payroll Modernization: Design Phase Complete; Biweekly Pay Coming in 2016

HR/Payroll Modernization Workday logo

The HR/Payroll Modernization Project has just completed its six-month design phase, including a key decision to move all UW employees to a biweekly pay schedule beginning January 2016, according to the Project’s recent newsletter, UW@Work. This change will result in 26 (rather than 24) slightly smaller paychecks each year, with total annual pay not affected….

August 6, 2014

Technical Update Forums on New UW HR/Payroll System: Aug. 13, 28

Logo for HR/Payroll Modernization and Workday

UW technical staff are invited to attend a Technical Update Forum to understand the systems being impacted by the UW’s new HR/Payroll system and what you need to do to prepare. Each of the two-hour sessions includes a showcase of the technical capabilities and features available in Workday (the new HR/Payroll system vendor) and information…

May 27, 2014

FY 2015: No Change in Tech Recharge Fee; Rates for UW-IT’s Self-Sustaining Services Online

rate sheet close-up

The FY 2015 Technology Recharge Fee (TRF), which helps fund critical information technology services provided by UW-IT for the University, will remain the same as in FY 2014. The University’s IT Service Investment Board reviews the TRF annually and made the recommendation, which was approved by the Provost. In addition, FY 2015 rates for UW-IT’s…

March 7, 2014

E-RESOURCE: Bizminer Financial Information

Bizminer logo

Access financial and market trend information such as average annual sales, profitability and turnover ratios for thousands of industries, from cattle ranching and coal mining to health care, performing arts and more with Bizminer. Brought to you by UW Libraries, Bizminer lets you produce customized reports based on a specific geographic area such as dairy…

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